About the SYSTEM

ALDJAVI ONLINE is an online monitoring system (telemetry system), which allows to control park of our vending machines in a real time format. It allows obtaining information from every vending machine, analyzing it, as well as remotely controlling machines via GPRS system through the day in a real time format (every machine has SIM card installed in it). ALDJAVI ONLINE provides us an opportunity to check all technical parameters of every vending machine, from availability of voltage in circuit to the errors and fails in the operation of vending machines. Such indicators as sales analytics, money collection data, and service, products, ingredients and change availability are also available for review, forecast and constant optimization which is delivered by our professional engineers. Control your business in a real time format – every minute, every vending machine, even if you are remote!


  • Information and date availability upon your request, in a real time format
  • Access to information via WEB-interface (possible from any device, connected to internet, including mobile devices), which does not require any additional software.
  • Data audit is synchronized with the money collection moment and always coincide with delivered revenue, which allows to exclude fraud or mistakes by personnel.
  • Data audit with regards to money collection is determined by two independent algorithms, which allows you to restore information on money collection in case of program failure.
  • Logging of cases for every vending machine.
  • Remote modification of settings for one or several machines.
  • Possibility to add or withdraw credits remotely.
  • Monitoring of failures and errors as well as pay systems in the real time format.
  • Remote resetting of errors and failures.
  • Remote monitoring of balance.
  • Monitoring of payments through bank transfers.
  • Notification by e-mail or SMS.
  • Full audit attached to money collection.
  • Information exchange with external databases via open protocol.
  • Bilateral connectivity (from machine to server, from server to machine)
  • Low GPRS traffic.